Global Blue Hills is what we would like to call a bridge in multicultural/multinational trade and business across the world, from buying merchandise in Africa to providing consultation services to investors looking to expand their American, European or Asian businesses. We stand on a solid rock of experience in markets and socio economic environments that have given us the look ahead into a standard of international trade that is secured and reliable.


This company is the Idea of a group of business driven individuals who have served huge roles in various areas of marketing, sales, production, import and export across the globe. We are who you look for when u need to reach out beyond your confines of business, we are your 1st class ticket out of your comfort zone to good business and great rewards.


We are a company the deals in primarily import and export, petroleum and gas and general merchants.


Our Head Office is in Accra, Ghana with our associates in North America and our multinational African members.



Sieh E. Samura CEO/ Professional Industry Consultant and Entrepreneur

Sieh E. Samura is an Activist and Advocate for equitable consumer and business rights, supporting increased strategies toward Black Generational Wealth and healthier communities through empowering Black economies. A leading voice for cannabis social equity in Massachusetts, New England, USA.

Lahai Samura Operations Manager and Head of Marketing

Certified Microsoft and Computer Systems Engineer. Started Music production and sound engineering in 2004. Professional Entertainment Media business personality and creator. Worked as broker and Investor consultant for minerals and local products from Sierra Leone.

John Ayisi Secretary and Head of Sales

Emmanuel Oku-Ampofo Farmer and herbal products manufacturer